Saturday, October 26, 2013

Master Davis Whaley Wins The Halloween Open!

Davis Whaley (Left) beat Chris Bush in Round Two!

Davis Whaley won first place in The Halloween Open with a score of 4-0!
Chris Bush and Johnny Owens tied for 2nd with 2.5-1.5 and new-comer Richard Williams won the Under 1400/ Unrated prize money!!
The rated crosstable can be viewed here:


Johnny said...
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Johnny said...

This was a good showing considering the other tournaments in the surrounding area. The MSU Open in Murray, KY had 8 players in their open and 2 of them usually play in E-town. Nashville had a tournament with over 100 players and Louisville had a tournament where a couple of our usual players had students that played and they coached them on Saturday. 1st prize here was still $75.00 and we had a master and 2 Expert players that played and we had more players here than last October! Hope to see more players in November!